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    plant sterols -phytosterols

    Plant Sterols (Phytosterols)

    Cholesterol lowering natural health remedy

    Sterols and sterolins are fats that are found in many fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils. In chemical structure, plant sterols are almost identical to cholesterol and therefore, the body processes them in the same way.

    There are more than 60 types of plant sterols; the most abundant plant sterols are sitosterol, campesterol and stigmasterol

    Types of Cholesterol: Cholesterol is a type of fat (lipid) made by the body. Only about 20% of cholesterol comes directly from the diet - the other 80% is produced by the liver.

    Cholesterol is transported around the body as lipoporteins (a fat-protein combination). Lipoproteins are measured by the density ration of fat to protein
    - high density (HDL) - high protein/low fat ratio ('good cholesterol')
    - low density (LDL) - low protein/high fat ratio ('bad cholesterol')

    Plant Sterols & Cholesterol Health: Plant sterols and stanols are thought to reduce the absorption of cholesterol by our intestine This reduction in absorption makes the liver remove more harmful LDL cholesterol from our circulation, thereby reducing the amount of LDL in the blood. It is believed that plant sterols and stanols lower the total cholesterol level and the level of harmful low density lipoproteins (LDL), but seem to have no effect on the heart-friendly HDL cholesterol levels or triglyceride levels.

    Phytosterols & Heart Health:. LDL causes cholesterol to be deposited in the arteries (plaque), restricting blood flow and increasing the risk of heart disease and elevating high blood pressure.

    Numerous studies have consistently demonstrated that the phytosterols when consumed with food, significantly reduce the absorption of dietary cholesterol at the intestinal tract. This further results in lowering the serum LDL ('bad) cholesterol whilst HDL ('good') cholesterol is unaffected.

    Phytosterols & Immune Health: Plant Sterols may help promote immune health as studies have shown that when sterols and sterolins are administered together, they enhance the immune system.

    Phytosterols & Mens/Prostate Health: LDL also causes cholesterol to be deposited in the prostate, causing BPH and possibly non-bacterial prostatitis. It is also believed that cholesterol is used by the body to produce male hormones which have been linked to the promotion of prostate cancer.

    Beta-sitosterol seems to reduce the cholesterol level in the prostate and might also work through its anti-inflammatory activity. The results of two double-blind clinical trials published in The Lancet, have reported that men with BPH who took Beta-sitosterol had substantial improvements in their symptoms. Taken as 200 mg of beta-sitosterol three times per day, improved urine flow, reduced the size of the prostate, and led to subjective feelings of improvement of BPH.

    Note: Pyhtosterols are not recommended for those who have had organ transplants or bone marrow transplants. Also, diabetics may need to monitor the blood insulin level under supervision of a medical practitioner

    Cholestatin® & Phytosterols: Cholestatin® is a plant sterol concentrate, rich in beta-sitosterol, campesterol and stigmasterol.

    Cholestatin healthy cholesterol formula Cholestatin
  • 400 mg ßeta-Sitosterol
  • + campesterol and stigmasterol
  • in Vegetarian Vcaps
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