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    Banaba corosolic acids for glucose levels

    GlucoFit® (formerly GlucoTrim™)

    GlucoFit® (formerly GlucoTrim™) Herbal extract of Banaba (Crepe Myrtle) for blood sugar levels

    Banaba leaves (Lagerstroemia speciosa) or Crepe Myrtle, contains corosolic acids which aid carbohydrate metabolism as a means of reducing excess weight and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels for the prevention of:

  • type 2 diabetes
  • insulin resistance (Metabolic Syndrome X)
  • age-related loss of insulin sensitivity
  • obesity & body fat storage
  • mood & appetite instability ("carb cravings")
  • Blood Sugar levels & Energy Metabolism: Glucose is the body's fuel. Without glucose, or without being able to convert it into energy rapidly and efficiently, we cannot survive in good health. So it's very important that our energy-metabolism system works in balance to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

    Insulin: In response to the rise in blood-glucose levels (say) such as after a meal, the pancreas releases insulin which "mops up" the glucose and carries it to cells that need extra energy, such as muscles and the brain. Without insulin, glucose can’t be absorbed by the cells and remains in the blood at too high a level. Excess glucose is normally stored as glycogen (an "energy reserve") for later use.

    Glucagon: Glucagon is another hormone produced by the pancreas, which serves as a counter-signal to insulin. When the blood sugar begins to fall below normal, glucagon is secreted, to stimulate glycogen breakdown into glucose, even when insulin levels are abnormally high.

    Corosolic Acids & Blood Sugar: Lagerstroemia speciosa L, commonly known as Banaba leaves or Crepe Myrtle, contain corosolic acid and tannins, Corosolic acids have insulin-like properties that activates the transport of glucose across cell membranes.

    Recent research suggests that corosolic acids helps promote normal blood glucose metabolism and may enhance normal blood sugar.
    Subjects using the softgel form of a corosolic acid preparation called Glucotrim each day for two weeks experienced a 30 percent drop in blood sugar levels.Corosolic acids has also been shown to help maintain normal transport of blood glucose into the cells.

    Corosolic Acids & Weight Loss: Research (1999) examined the effects of corosolic acid in balancing blood glucose levels and weight-loss The transient hypoglycemia suggested that corosolic acid could lower blood sugar, causing a natural release of the hormone glucagon. Glucagon stimulates the break down of fat cells to free fatty acids. In addition reduction in blood sugar levels helps prevent fat storage.

    GlucoFit® & Corosolic Acids: GlucoFit™ is a dietary ingredient extracted from the herb Lagerstroemia speciosa, standardized to 1%

    See also Glucose Metabolic Support - a combination supplement of with other nutritional blood-sugar controlling basics like chromium , biotin, magnesium, vanadium, and B-complex vitamins

    GlucoTrim (formerly Glucosol) GlucoFit® (was GlucoTrim™)
  • 24mg
  • 60 softgels
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